Likes kids


Boo is a very kind man, whose father keeps him from accsessing the outside world. However, he does what he can to make sure Jem and Scout are safe throughout the book, and leaves presents for them. In the beginning of the story, rumors are spread, and he is depicted as a frightening man who is completely insane. Scout and Jem begin to fear him, but a strange longing for connection shows through in the kids' obsession with him. Acting out of the life and times of Boo Radley could be a way of trying understand him by "trying on his skin," as Atticus always says. In the end, however, you find that he has connected with them indirectly, which leads him to save Jem and Scout's lives in the children's time of need.

Trivia Edit

  • His real name is Arthur Radley but the name 'Boo' is used by the kids of Maycomb because he is very ghost-like in the manner that he's never seen.