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Calpurnia Aesera Coleman is a character from the 1960/1962 book/film To Kill a Mockingbird. She is Atticus Finch's housekeeper. She is one of the only black people in the novel that can read and write, and it was her that taught Scout how to write.


Calpurnia is the housekeeper of the Finches. She stays home while Atticus is at work, providing protection, discipline, and love. She essentially also fills the maternal role for Jem and Scout after their mother's death. Scout initially does not like Calpurnia, and appears to think of her as the wicked stepmother to her Cinderella. When Scout unintentionally disrespects Walter, Calpurnia reprimands her. Throughout the novel, the more Scout matures, she starts to realize that Calpurnia is actually just there to protect her for years, and that she loves both Scout and Jem.

Personal life[]

Calpurnia owns a house close to the Finches' house, and serves as their housekeeper. She hides her problems from others because she's scared of speaking out as a black woman in the 1930s. One of the only black people in the novel who can read and write, she taught Scout how to write. She has been mentioned as having many children, one of them Mr. Zeebo, her eldest son. She grew up with Atticus, as she is only a few years his senior.


Scout and Jem Finch[]

Scout and Jem have a good relationship with her, and she acts like a motherly figure.

Aunt Alexandra[]

Atticus's sister Aunt Alexandra is shown to not like her.


  • It is mentioned that she is older than Atticus, though the book never mentions the exact age of Atticus or Calpurnia.