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Hector "Heck" Tate is the sheriff of Maycomb County.

In the story[]

Heck Tate must indirectly tell Atticus to reveal the fact that he is an expert with firearms. Atticus is asked to shoot a rabid dog before it can do any harm. Atticus does not shoot often in fear of killing a mockingbird, a symbol of innocence. He shoots the dog and the dog did not like that because the bullets hurt.

At the end of the novel, after Boo Radley has rescued Atticus' children (Jem and Scout) from a murder, Tate comes up with a story to tell Atticus in order to protect Radley. He is described as being as tall as Atticus but a little bit thinner. He also always wears boots and boot-cut pants with a belt.

He decided not to arrest or even file a report regarding Boo's involvement in the death of Bob Ewell. Heck knew the attention of people in the town, including his wife, would destroy quiet, misunderstood Boo Radley. He had Atticus Finch shoot the rabid dog, because Atticus was a better shot. Much to the surprise of the children, Heck called Atticus with "One-Shot Finch". Heck was born in 1896 in Maycomb, Alabama. Heck has a wife and children.